As an innovator and leader in the community of pediatric therapy for almost 20 year years McRory Pediatric Services , Inc. continues to strive to offer families and children the highest quality of intervention services.

We offer a variety of therapeutic services for infants, toddlers, preschool and school-aged children within our clinic setting, school, home or community setting.

As pediatric therapists we share your feelings of uncertainty that you may be experiencing with your child's delay. We value all family members as an integral part of the therapy team. After a comprehensive assessment, your child and you will begin your journey in "discovering together" your child's utmost potential. We look forward in assisting you in helping your child.

"Once in a while someone goes out of their way for you and you remember there is good and kindness in this world; thank you for making a world of difference to us."
– Deborah B. (Parent)

McRory Pediatrics started out almost 20 years ago as a pediatric speech-language therapy clinic. However after much persuasion from many families we set out to expand our services as a means to simplify the lives of the families that we serve by offering a safe, supportive environment that can service all of a child's and families needs. We are proud to say that we currently offer more than 12 different innovative and quality services and programs to our clients. DDS Ph. (916) 654-1987
"Providing quality intervention services to family and children for almost 20 years"

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