Employee Spotlight: Sophie, MA BCBA

Sophie further shared that she hopes to one day further her education to earn her PhD in Clinical Psychology - Applied Behavior Analysis, however followed up that statement by stating, "Though there are not enough hours within a day I feel that my perseverance will make this a reality. With that said, one day."
Given Sophie's drive, we could not resist but to ask her to share the characteristics that define her. She shared, "The one characteristic that defines me the most is that I am passionate. I am extremely passionate about the things I love and care about. I love children and I care to see them flourish and reach their greatest potential. I love my job and I strive to constantly learn something new and be challenged. I am grateful for this passionate trait because it is the one thing that motivates me to be the best at what I do every day, which is changing the lives of children for the better."
When asked about what is most proud about in her life, Sophie stated, "I am most proud about my morals and values that my parents have taught me and imbedded in me since I can remember. They have taught me to count my blessings, to never take anything for granted, to always strive to be better than who you were yesterday, and to be an individual of integrity. This is something I live by every day in both my professional life and personal life, and is what drives me to perform my very best in everything that I do. They also said that with this, I will live a fruitful life."
A fun fact that Sophie shared about herself included that "in another lifetime (definitely not this one because I absolutely love what I do!), I’d be an interior designer, fashion stylist, or dentist."
We thank Sophie for being so candid with us. She is a remarkable women that we are proud to have on our team.
Thank you for all that you do Sophie to support our mission!