Staff Appreciation Picnic

The staff of McRory Pediatrics and their families spent the afternoon together playing games, eating and having fun!



Thank you Veronica C. Perez!!!

What a nice surprise! Thank you Veronica C. Perez for your thoughtful congratulations gift - cookies with our company logo on them! It has been a great pleasure working with you these past 7+ years!


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McRory Pediatrics has moved!

We are excited to announce that our new address is: 19019 Ventura Blvd. in the city of Tarzana. Effective Monday, August 17th all of our services will be offered at our amazing new location.

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ABA Department Supervisor Appreciation Luncheon

ABA Department Supervisor Appreciation Luncheon
The Behavior Supervisors joined in on an afternoon of fun at The Malibu Cafe yesterday in recognition of their hard work, dedication and commitment to excellence!


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Employee of the Month: Justin Bautista

Congratulations Justin for being our August Employee of the Month! Justin’s unwavering enthusiasm and kind nature have made a big splash in the Building Bridges Level I Program since transitioning into the program. Not only has he been creative in his approach to his two primary cases, but he has sought advice about how to approach specific goals for all of the Building Bridges clients and has offered his unique perspective to further their progress.
Justin has taken more than his share of responsibilities as far as collective administrative and office upkeep goes. He seems to have an inability to say "no" to a request, and has had a consistently positive attitude every single day.
Everyone in the Building Bridges mentorship program have noticed his success, and the consistent hard work that leads to it. Most of all, his positive mindset, clinical competence, unwavering enthusiasm and can-do attitude have recently been infectious and have raised the overall morale and quality of the program.
Some fun facts about Justin include:
His favorites hobbies: Singing, playing guitar, playing and watching basketball.
If he could choose to travel to any specific place, he would go to New York, so that he could see a Broadway show, watch a Knicks game, and have some good pizza!
Justin chose to become a behavior therapist because he found a field where there is a significant emphasis on teamwork. He indicated that watching children and families grow is such a blessing, and that he is happy to have found a home in this field.
What he enjoys the most about work at McRory Pediatrics is the people! He indicated that everyone has instilled a warm culture of family and getting the best out of everyday. Not a day goes by where he doesn't feel the support and love from everyone, especially the Building Bridges Family.
Congratulations on all of your accomplishments Justin....we are truly lucky to have you!



Special Olypmics World Games!

A fun-filled day supporting the athletes at the Special Olympics World Games!



Employee Spotlight: Crystal Brain, MA, BCBA

Crystal is celebrating her 5th year with McRory Pediatric Services, Inc. She started with the company as a behavior therapist in the field and quickly decided to continue her education in the area of behavior analysis and joined our center-based Building Bridges Early Intervention Program for Children with Autism & Related Disorders where she had the opportunity to apply concepts from school into her practice. Due to her hard work, dedication and excellent skills Crystal was promptly promoted into a Case Supervisory position once she passed her BCBA exam.

In honor of her anniversary, we had the opportunity to sit down with Crystal and discuss her time with us. Here is what she shared with us:

What have you enjoyed the most about working as part of the McRory team?
"My favorite thing about working at McRory Pediatrics is all support that we receive from other disciplines within the clinic. We are able to collaborate with speech pathologists, occupational and physical therapists, in order to develop the best program individualized for each child."

What have you learned about yourself over the course of your employment with us?
"I have learned when working with kids with autism, you always have to think outside the box, because you never know what will be the thing that allows you to connect to them."

What do you like most about your current position?
"I love getting messages from parents when their child did something spontaneously, like went in the potty for the first time or ate all their vegetables. They can’t wait to share the excitement with me and I love learning about
their accomplishments."