Employee Spotlight: Sophie, MA BCBA

McRory Pediatrics would like to congratulate Sophie on her 5th year with the McRory Team. During her 5 years with us, whether it be providing behavior services within our Building Bridges Program or supervising other behavior therapists the one thing that has remained the same is Sophie's passion and dedication to the children, families and our team members. Sophie is a hard working individual that truly is compassionate and caring. In honor of her anniversary, we had the opportunity to sit down with her to discuss her career and what drives her.
When asked what she has enjoyed the most about working for the company over these past 5 years, Sophie replied, "The one thing I've enjoyed the most about working for this company is being able to work with colleagues and professionals of different disciplines on a daily basis. It’s great to be able to collaborate with such knowledgeable and kind hearted professionals on a day to day basis. I appreciate that the company values team collaboration, quality of services, as well as strives to cultivate a supportive environment that facilitates an open communication between all members of a clinical team, including the families in which we work with. But the very thing I enjoy the most is seeing progress in the children we work with. It brings a smile to my face and is the most rewarding feeling to know that we are making a difference in children’s lives every day."


Employee Spotlight: Nana, Clinical Supervisor

Employee Spotlight: Nana, Clinical SupervisorMcRory Pediatrics would like to congratulate Nana on her 10 years of commitment and dedication of excellence. Nana has been an integral member of the McRory team, starting out as a volunteer, moving into a behavior therapist position to a behavior supervisor position, and finally into a Clinical Case Supervisor position. Nana has a big heart and truly cares about the children, families and team members that she works with. Her passion is event, as is her desire to truly help. We are grateful for all of her contributions over the years. In honor of her anniversary, we sat down and reflected on the past 10 years.

When asked about what peaked her interest in working in this field, Nana shared, "I first became aware of this field while volunteering at our Infant Development Program where early intervention services were being offered to children with special needs. My general interest in the field was sharpened further and found focus while working with children with special needs. With Nikki and Michael McRory’s support and encouragement, I moved forward in my studies and acquired, my Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education by writing my thesis on the efficacy of the Building Bridges Early Intervention Program at Mcrory Pediatrics Services. As our agency has grown over the past 10 years, so have the career opportunities within the organization with focus on education."

Nana further shared, "One of the great advantages of working with Nikki and Michael McRory is their progressive and forward thinking ideas that propel all of us to achieve higher educations to be as effective as possible. As I have moved forward in my career with McRory Pediatrics, I have also defined and redefined myself, my life goals, and ultimately what career fulfillment means to me. My 24-year-old son reminded me just the other day, of the time he volunteered at one of my programs and spent some time with my little clients. He tells me now that he had never seen me so happy and fulfilled. That visit and his close proximity to this field encouraged him to seek and gain a degree in cognitive science and work on projects researching autism related topics."

When asked what she is most proud of professionally, Nana stated, "As I Look back at my career so far, it is clear that providing support to my families and watching my clients who I have known for the past 10 years grow and thrive is the driving force that moves me forward and what gives me the most pride professionally."

Thank you once again for all that you do and give of yourself daily. It is because of you and others like you on our team, that allow us to do the great things that we do, to assist our clients and families.



Supervisor Training

The supervisors of McRory Pediatrics spent the afternoon participating in management training, the first of a new series of supervisor training that we are proud to be offering our team as we continue to strive to enhance our services.

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Registered Behavior Technician Training Graduation.

We are proud to announce that 30 of our team members have worked hard to complete their 40 hours of RBT training!!

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Spirit Week: Summer 2016

The Valencia & Tarzana teams had a fun-filled week dressing up for spirit week! Theme days included favorite character day, pajama day, funny hat day, crazy sock day and blue day.



August Employee of the Month: Natalya, Speech Pathologist

Natalya was chosen as McRory Pediatrics August Employee of the Month for her overall dedication and commitment. Specifically, she consistently looks out for the best interest of the company, her team members and clients. Natalya is flexible and as such adjusts her schedule as needed to meet the needs of all parties. Further, she is a great resource and support for her colleagues and always exhibits an upbeat and professional demeanor. Natalya additionally demonstrates nice leadership and initiates assisting others without being asked. She is reliable and all in all a great asset to the Valencia team and company as a whole!

Congratulations Natalya!!

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McRory Staff Appreciation Picnic Sat Aug. 6th

Please join us for a fun day to appreciate all that you do!

  • BBQ + Drinks provided
  • Games
  • Kids Bouncer
  • Kids Face Painting
  • Photo Booth

Family members are welcome.  Bring chairs and blankets.
Please RSVP by July 29th

We look forward to seeing you there!