Employee of the Month

Congratulations Veronica for being our February Employee of the Month!

Veronica makes a difference to the therapy team with her constant efforts of going above and beyond the the Building Bridges Program. Every day she comes in with a can-do attitude and a smile on her face, positively affecting the morale of the team. She has taken it upon herself to buy extra craft materials and supplies for the kids several times. Veronica has also exemplified superb interpersonal skills, and has gone above and beyond in assisting new therapists with adjusting to the classroom environment through modeling and mentoring, and has been extremely helpful with re-organizing the classroom when needed.


Employee Spotlight: Justin Resnick

From time to time families take the opportunity to share their experience that they have had with our employees. In this instance, a mother of one of the children that we provide services for took the time to do just that. Here is what she had to say about Justin:

"I was talking to my ABA supervisor Cedric about my son's ABA therapist Justin and wanted to share how wonderful Justin has been and continues to be.

Justin started working with my son in December 2013. From the very beginning Justin comes to our home with a positive attitude and is very professional.

Justin continues to think outside the box and is very creative in showing my son different ways to learn. From drawing a picture, to acting a scene or recording a video and sometimes bringing in his guitar which he knows is a big treat for him.

Justin has been a vital piece this last year in my son's growth. Justin goes out of his way to email or meet with my son's speech therapist to be in the same page or to better his ways during his ABA session.

He believes in my son and tells him how proud he is on a daily. It's very special to hear my son tell his grandparents about his best friend Justin.

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