Happy Birthday to our amazing Clinical Director of almost 13 years!

Diane, you are such a blessing and inspiration to the people around you, and are truly a wonderful person inside and out! May the joy of today carry with you for the remainder of the year!

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Hanen Parent Training Course, "It Takes Two to Talk".

McRory Pediatric Services, Inc. is proud to offer the Hanen Parent Training Course, "It Takes Two to Talk".
Through group instruction and video feedback sessions, our Speech-Language Pathologists teach parents how to facilitate language using daily routines.
If you are interested in enrolling in this amazing course, or would like more information, please contact Beth Reiss via e-mail at: Elizabeth.Reiss@McRoryPediatrics.com or via phone at: (818) 697-4223

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Employee Spotlight: January Employee of the Month

Congratulations Jessica for being our Employee of the Month!
Jessica is an organized and committed member of the team who goes above and beyond to serve both the families and staff of McRory Pediatrics.
She is professional and accommodating to all of our families and shares a passion for ensuring that all members of the community can access our services. Jessica willingly assists staff members in translating for our Spanish speaking families ensuring that they are fully informed of their child's needs and progress.
Jessica inspires others to be sensitive to the needs of our families in our community and actively seek ways to be accommodating as needed. She has shown herself to be a role model both for customer service and an effective team player!
Some fun facts about Jessica include:

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Now enrolling children ages 4-13 for our 6 week Sibshops workshop series.

Participants will have fun as they have the opportunity to meet other siblings that have brothers or sisters with special needs, share common joys and concerns, learn about the implications of their siblings special needs, and learn how others handle situations commonly experienced by those with special needs.

For more information or to register, contact Allexis Abdo at (818) 205-5651 or via e-mail: allexis.abdo@mcrorypediatrics.com

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