Employee Spotlight: Romelee, Behavior Therapist

We would like to congratulate Romelee on her recent 6 year anniversary with the McRory team. Romelee has proven to be a truly dedicated team member who is compassionate and loves to learn and grow.

Some fun facts about Romelee include:

She has been working in the field of Behavioral Analysis since 2001. When asked about what sparked her interest in joining our team, she shared, "I encountered many families with children with disabilities, who were currently receiving services or had in the past with McRory. They expressed pride and satisfaction in receiving services from your agency. It was their recommendations that peeked my interest in applying to McRory and continuing my career with you."

Romelee further shared, "I am currently working at a High School site and with a population I have not had extensive experience with in the past. This new site is allowing me to gain knowledge of teenagers and how to balance their abilities with age appropriateness in academic and social situations."

When asked about the highlight of her career thus far, she stated, "Seeing the progress in the children I have worked with when they were three or four and now in their 20s. Seeing them working at local restaurants or store is exciting!"

Some fun facts that not many people know about her is her dream to move to Costa Rica and volunteer as an animal behaviorist at the Sloth Sanctuary. Romelee further shared that if she wasn't a behavioral therapist working with children, she would be "a behavioral therapist working with animals in a zoo, shelter or ASPCA setting. When I was in my teens I attended NHHS Zoo magnet and worked at the Los Angeles Zoo recording behavior data, since then I have developed a true love and desire to help animals."

Thank you for all that you do to support our mission Romelee, we are lucky to have you!!


Making New Friends: Valencia Social Skills Class

Making New Friends: Valencia Social Skills Class

What parents are saying:

"Jenny really loves to come to her social skills group at McRory Pediatric Services. She loves to come play and have snacks with her friends. They keep the children really engaged with lots of fun activities. It’s also nice to connect with the other parents."
~ Joann Barlog

"I love the social skills group with Veronica at McRory. Aaron has come so far since starting. He is communicating better, and loves the friends he has made in the group. He is always so excited for Tuesdays. Social Skills Rocks !!!!" ~ Lisa Pope

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Employee Spotlight: Dana, Behavior Dept. Admin. Coordinator

McRory Pediatrics would like to congratulate Dana on her 5th year anniversary. During her time with us, Dana has proven to be dedicated team member with a strong work ethic. She always has a smile on her face and is willing to assist wherever needed. Not only is Dana a big support to our behavior department, but to our entire team as a whole. We cannot begin to thank you for all of the tremendous things that you do!

Here are some fun facts about Dana:

Dana started with the company as a behavior interventionist providing behavior support to children in the school setting. When asked about what initially peeked her interest in becoming a part of our team, she replied, "I had been working in the speech field and was talking to a friend about changing jobs. She had mentioned McRory and that she had known several people who had worked here and loved the job and the people they worked with, so I decided it sounded like a company I wanted to be a part of."

Dana described what she loves most about her current position in the company is "I truly love the people I work with! I feel like we are one big family and there is always someone there to help you when you need it, which is amazing!"

Dana is most proud of her daughter and if given the opportunity she would love to "go to Borneo to visit the Orangutans."

Thank you for all that you do Dana, we are lucky to have you!

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Always Looking for Great Therapists!

Members of our team spent the day at the UCLA job fair looking for talented therapists to join our therapy team.



2nd Winter Class RBT Training

Congratulations to our second winter group of behavior therapists who completed their RBT training as needed to become Registered Behavior Technicians as recognized by the BACB - Behavior Analyst Certification Board.

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January Employee of the Month

McRory Pediatrics would like to congratulate Andrea for being our January Employee of the Month.

During her time with us, Andrea has grown both professionally and personally. She has pursued furthering her education while taking on multiple roles within the clinic. Whether being a part of our Building Bridges Mentorship Program, leading social skills classes or leading our Healthy Relationships course she is consistently up for the challenge to grow and learn.

Andrea exhibits the utmost professionalism, assists others without being asked and truly cares about the children and families that she works with, as well as her colleagues and the clinic as a whole.

Some fun tidbits about Andrea:
She has two university degrees signed by Arnold Schwarzenegger and one of them is in French horn performance.

She loved visiting Germany "not just because it is a beautiful country and the people I met were so welcoming, but because I was able to spend time with my friends that lived and were going to school there and get a first-hand experience of how people in other countries live."

When asked about what leadership meant to her, Andrea replied, "Teamwork and listening to think critically about the big-picture needs of both your clients and your co-workers."
Andrea share that her proudest moment in your career thus far "is being sponsored by Nikki for an Organizational Business Management (OBM) applied project with McRory Pediatrics as the final component to pursue my OBM certificate."

Thank you for all that you do to support our mission Andrea, we are truly lucky to have you on our team!


Congratulations to a Great Group of Therapists!

Congratulations to our latest group of behavior therapists who completed their RBT training as needed to become Registered Behavior Technicians as recognized by the BACB - Behavior Analyst Certification Board.

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