Second Annual Harvard-Westlake Golf Team & McRory Pediatrics Golf International

After a fun filled day of playing miniature golf at Castle Park in Sherman Oaks with the help of the Harvard-Westlake student’s golf team, the children of McRory Pediatrics were treated to lunch and an awards ceremony where each child that participated was given a trophy. As one parent stated, “It was truly a great day!” Thank you Harvard-Westlake Golf Team for creating such a memorable day for our kids and families!

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Employee of the Month

Heather Valentine is our Employee of the Month for July!

Heather is not only great at providing guidance on strategies to successfully work with our students, but she provides great praise to staff in the ITS program when they are successfully implementing strategies. She is always brainstorming ways to improve the ITS program and actively seeking to make these ideas happen. Heather is a very skilled team player. She goes above and beyond to create and brainstorm behavior treatment plans for ITS students.

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