Jul 2017

Employee Spotlight: Katrina, ABA Case Supervisor

Please join us in congratulating Katrina on her 6 successful years as part of the McRory Pediatrics therapy team!

Katrina joined our team as a behavior therapist providing support to children within the home and school setting. Per Katrina, "I realized that I truly enjoy working with children with special needs and their families. I decided to further my education and enrolled in a Masters program to pursue my BCBA. I had the opportunity to work in the Building Bridges Mentorship Program and learned many valuable skills which prepared me in becoming an effective Case Supervisor."

When asked what has been her biggest accomplishment in her career thus far, Katrina shared, "My biggest achievement thus far is earning my BCBA certification. It took a lot of discipline and focus to be able to pass the BCBA exam."

Katrina shared that her professional goals at this time "is to gain experiences in every aspect in the field of ABA. I was lucky to be part of the mentorship program and work with very talented occupational therapists, speech pathologists, mentor, and senior behaviorists."

Katrina further shared that she enjoys working with "good hearted people, who are constantly open to expanding their skills. Seeing client’s significant progress is also one of the most rewarding factors."

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