Staff Appriciation Picnic Sunday July 19 2015

McRory Pediatric Services is hosting a staff appreciation picnic for its staff members and their families. The fun-filled day will include activities for both adults, children and families! Stay tuned for more details in your E-vite.

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Harvard-Westlake High School Golf Team Third annual Community Service Event

The Harvard-Westlake High School Golf Team partnered with McRory Pediatrics for a fun-filled day of mini golf, lunch and awards ceremony! Thank you for creating such a special day!



Employee of the Month: Kelly Gardina, SLP

Congratulations Kelly for being our June employee of the month!
Kelly was nominated this month because she has taken the initiative of helping to guide/mentor new therapists within our speech pathology department, as well as has volunteered to work on and present on an upcoming parent education course that the company is offering.
Kelly has shown patience and flexibility with her schedule. She is currently wrapping up her first Hanen "More Than Words" parent education course which she co-teaches on Tuesday evenings, and has been open to putting in additional hours during the work week with no complaints. In addition, she takes initiative when having to reschedule her clients in the event of a planned absence.
Kelly is open and is always willing to help whenever an occasion arises. Kelly is quick to pat others on the back for their achievements, and consistently demonstrates a positive attitude.
Thank you for all that you do Kelly....we are lucky to have you on our team!

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Thank You for Your Donoations!

McRory Pediatrics would like to thank the families of the following children who made the generous donation of a new trampoline for our Intensive Therapeutic Services Program: Ean T., Julian S., Marky L., Matthew L., Roman M., and Vansh S.!
All the kids have thoroughly enjoyed jumping their little hearts out!

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