"Support for Special Siblings."

Our own Jenny Pendleton, MFT was featured in the L.A. Parent March 2016 Special Needs Edition, in an article titled, "Support for Special Siblings”.

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Employee Spotlight: Denise, Behavior Therapist

McRory Pediatrics would like to congratulate Denise on her 5th anniversary with our company. During her time with us, Denise has not only proven to be a dedicated and committed employee, but also a therapist that really cares about the children to which she is assigned to work with. When asked about a highlight of her career as a behavior therapist, Denise said, "Seeing my kiddos grow and learn, as I have also grown and learned throughout the years from them."

When not busy working, Denise enjoys spending time with her husband and fur child (her pet boxer)! She loves pigs and shared that she hopes to own one as a pet one day. Denise's long term professional goals include becoming a speech-language pathologist.

We want to thank Denise for her continued commitment to providing the highest quality of intervention! We look forward to another 5 great years, and perhaps by that time she will be an SLP!

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Thank You Note from a Parent

A perfect ending to a great week, thanks for taking the time to share Vanessa!

"As a small reminder, this was Geeg's first day at McRory. Sitting independently wasn't fully there and some signing. Lot's of hard work by her and lots of talented folks truly believing and supporting her development. We are SOOOOOOOO lucky to have had such the perfect storm of Awesome!! Thank you Beth that the whole gang Risa, Nirali, Jennifer, Natalya, Erin, Melissa and Harmony for your passion and everyday commitment!!

You truly positively change lives."

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Employee of the Month

Congratulations Tzipora for being our March Employee of the Month! Tzipora was nominated by her peers for being a great addition to the Jump Start Program team. Since starting in the program, Tzipora has been observed to put extra time and effort into treating every child's individual needs and consistently communicates well with other disciplines regarding speech goals for that particular child. Further, she always has a positive attitude, a smile on her face, is flexible, and is always ready to help out in anyway possible. In family meetings Tzipora is very clear and concise in explaining complex concepts to parents in an understandable way, and overall is an exceptional team player!
When asked how has the company helped her in her career development, Tzipora replied, "I owe so much of my development as a clinician to McRory. I completed my first student externship ever at McRory Pediatrics. I received such great mentorship at the time, and was so happy when I was hired to complete my clinical fellowship here almost three years later! I learn new things from my awesome supervisor and all of my coworkers every day."

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CalABA 34th Annual Wetern Regional Conference

14 of our ABA Case Supervisors and 4 of our ITS Program mentors attended the CalABA 34th Annual Western Regional Conference on Behavior Analysis this past weekend in Santa Clara. The days were filled with great lectures and workshops in which the latest research in the field of ABA was presented.

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