Mar 2017

Employee Spotlight: Brittany, Behavior Therapist

Congratulations Brittany for being our March Employee of the Month! Brittany was nominated by her peers for being "a joy to work with". They describe her caring and supportive nature, which makes her "a perfect fit for supervising the Building Bridges program in Valencia."

Brittany puts in heart and soul into improving the classroom dynamic for Building Bridges each and every day. Not only do the children love her and clearly feel safe with her, but her team members do too. She spends countless hours preparing a meaningful curriculum that is catered to each child and works tirelessly to create a positive learning environment. Brittany has strengthened the Building Bridges team, and empowers her team to take charge and sets a fantastic example as the supervisor.

Brittany described a leader as someone who "is an example of kindness and understanding. A leader fosters strengths in others and inspires confidence. A leader is always willing to listen and be part of the solution. At McRory it is realizing that “it takes a village” and being grateful for your team each day!"

When asked what has been your proudest moment in your career thus far, Brittany replied, "My proudest moment of my career was sending off the last members of what BB Valencia called the Big 5. 5 boys who started the Building Bridges Program at relatively the same time, grew together over a year and became like family! When I asked the last two boys to graduate who their best friends were, they answered each others names! It’s those tiny moments of love and friendship that make me proud to be a part of changing lives and the Building Bridges program!"

Some fun facts about Brittany include her passion for the beach and love for sweets! When asked about the beach, she replied" the beauty of a sunny day, looking out at the waves provides calmness and relaxation. There is also something about tan lines and sandy toes that always keeps me coming back!"
When not on the beach, you can always find Brittany in the staff lounge "eating the last cookie... or doughnut... or cupcake!"

Thank you for all of the amazing work you do to support the children, their families, your team members and our overall mission! We are lucky to have such a dedicated and passionate team member in you.