Employee Spotlight: Debbie Quinteros

We would like to congratulate Debbie on her 5-years of dedication to the children, families and team members of McRory Pediatric Services. During her time with us, Debbie has proven to be an amazing, caring, funny and hard working employee. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with her to reflect on her past 5-years with us, and here is what we learned:
1) What made you decide to become a behavior therapist?
“I stumbled upon this field when I was solicited for my art skills. My best friend was working as a behavior specialist and she took it upon herself to organize her company’s first family outing Halloween 2006. She was recruiting volunteers to help with the event and she offered me face painting duties. Not having any experience working with children on the spectrum, my only qualifying training stemmed from my practice working for a local community recreation center as an art instructor. The timing was perfect as I had recently graduated from CSUN with a degree in Psychology. The children won my heart as I took a turn into their world as it was instantaneous love. That Halloween was the moment in which I knew that this is what I wanted to do. I applied for a job as a behavior therapist soon after and ever since May 2007 I have spent more than just Halloween with them. I enjoy every day with my children”.
2) What made you decide to become a part of the McRory team?
“A friend of mine, who was a lead supervisor for one of the Building Bridges classrooms then, had informed me about an opening. The day I came in for an interview, they gave me a tour of the classrooms. The set up was amazing and I thought of all the endless possibilities. What's more, being out in the field I had no idea what it was like for the children receiving services from their Occupational/Physical/Speech therapists. The personal training one receives comes from every professional that a child comes to contact with. Here at McRory, the children have access to it all and I was excited to know that I would be a part of that dynamic team. Because my prior work experience consisted of in-home based therapy with older children, this exposure would expand my knowledge in every direction imaginable. Every therapist needs that introduction at one point in their career. When McRory hired me, I was placed in the early intervention program and my new challenge began. The opportunity opened up a wealth of information and I feel in love with my profession all over again”.
3) Over the course of the past 5-years, what have you learned about yourself?
“My principal teachers are my clients themselves. They have taught me what patience is. That the consistency of my work not only yields success, but also reveals my dedication and passion as my work translates to my audience. This is important as I educate those around me in the classrooms and home settings. My children have taught me how flexible I can be mentally
and physically.

11295722_1072526299428543_1368016967534828029_n the next 5-years!

May is Better Speech & Hearing Month!

May is recognized by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association as a time to raise awareness about communication disorders and available treatment options that can improve the quality of life for those who experience problems speaking, understanding, or hearing.
McRory Pediatrics is blessed to have an amazing team of speech-language pathologists that have an array of expertise ranging from treating individuals with autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, articulation disorders, motor speech disorders, voice disorders, fluency disorder, language disorders, pragmatic disorders, deaf & hard of hearing, learning disabilities, and auditory processing disorders to name a few.
We would like to thank Beth, Andrea, Kerri, Danielle, Kelly, Bridget, Mona, Cassie, Ellie, Nofar, Ann, Natalya, Leslie, Jaclyn, Anna Kay, and Ellen for the wonderful work that they do each day!
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Employee Spotlight: Jenny Pendleton

McRory Pediatrics would like to congratulate Jenny on her 9th anniversary with the company, and share our sincere gratitude for all of her dedication and contributions over the years!
We had the opportunity to sit down with Jenny to reflect with on her experiences with the company over the course of these past 9-years. Here is what we learned:
What interested you in becoming a part of the McRory Pediatrics team?
"I had been working with adolescents in residential treatment for 13 years and had recently completed an internship @ Cedars Sinai Early Childhood Center. It reminded me how much I enjoyed working with "the littles" and inspired me to look for jobs in early intervention. McRory was the one and only place I interviewed at and it seemed and has turned out to be the perfect fit!"
What have you enjoyed most about your position in the company over the course of the past 9-years?
"I have enjoyed the wide variety of opportunities I have been given over the years. Starting out as a Behavioral Supervisor and then once earning my Marriage and Family Therapy license, moving into providing parent support for our programs, as well as counseling to those in need, both inside and outside the agency. My more recent endeavors are being a part of the Jump Start program and offering workshops for siblings of those with special needs. I am grateful for all of the opportunities I have been given as it contributes so much to my knowledge and growth as a professional."
What have you enjoyed most about working for the company?
"The clients & their parents and wonderful colleagues!"
What has been your biggest accomplishment since starting with the company?
"Passing my licensing exam and being able to offer therapy and support to those in need. It is incredibly gratifying to support and empower people to be able move forward and realize their purpose/passions and goals in life or just provide support and encouragement during difficult times."
What advise would you offer new team members starting with the company?
"Be patient with yourself, ask for help and practice good self care! As with any job, there will be challenges! How we think about and respond to those challenges is so important."
Over the course of the past 9-years you have worn many hats within the company, which ones have you enjoyed the most and why?
"Being a therapist and working with the parents! As a parent myself, I have tremendous empathy for what a difficult job it can be and the toll it can take. I get so excited when parents tell me they are going out on a date night, getting a mani/pedi or venturing back into the workplace. Striking a balance is so important and makes us better parents!"
What are your goals for yourself as you continue to be a part of the McRory team?
"I love making a difference and am so grateful to have had so many opportunities to do so. So, more of that
smile emoticon"What are some fun facts that others may not know about you?
What are some fun facts that others may not know about you?
"I am the youngest of 4 children and grew up in Southern CA. In the eighties, I taught aerobics for Richard Simmons Anatomy Asylum and worked with kids with learning disabilities to get myself through college. I have twin daughters who are graduating from high school and going off to college very soon. I am so proud to be their mom. I am also fortunate to be married to a very kind and loving husband. I am both terrified and excited about this next developmental stage of my life."
Thanks again for all you have done and continue to do for us Jenny...we are truly blessed to have you as such an integral part of our team!


Staff Appreciation Week!

Thank you parents for an Amazing staff appreciation week!
The employees of McRory Pediatric Services would sincerely like to thank the wonderful parents who donated their money and time to create a fun-filled week for us! From the spectacular decorated doors, gifts, breakfast and lunch, you truly made us all feel loved and appreciated! From the bottom of our hearts....thank you, thank you, thank you!



Employee of the Month

Congratulations Anna Kay for being our Employee of the Month for the month of May! Anna Kay was responsible for kick-starting our first annual fundraising efforts for Autism Speaks at our Valencia location. She was an integral part of organizing the various fundraisers, as well as getting both our families and staff members on board.
Thank you Anna Kay for your dedication to the clinic, the children and the families. You went above and beyond and we really appreciate you taking the lead in our first annual round of fundraisers for Autism Speaks in Valencia that raised approximately $5,500.
Below are some fun-facts that Anna Kay shared with us:
What do you like most about working at McRory Pediatrics?
"I love working with a multi-disciplinary team especially in Jumpstart! I feel as though I've learned so much through other professions since beginning at McRory. I also enjoy consistently collaborating with my fabulous coworkers has helped me tremendously when treating clients."
What items are next on your bucket list?
"A vacation to Europe!"
What is an interesting fact about you that most wouldn't know?
"I have an EXTREME sweet tooth! It is nearly impossible for me to turn down a cookie!"
"Thanks so much for selecting me for EOM! I am honored! Working at McRory has been such a blessing!"



Team McRory raises over $8,500.00 for Autism Speaks!

McRory Pediatric Services would like to thank our fundraising committee members Bridget, Danielle, Mona, Jessie, Meri, LeeAnn, Noffar and Anna Kay (not pictured) for organizing our parent date night event, coordinating the partnerships with local restaurants, selling stars for our hall of fame and much more! We also would like to thank those staff members in Encino & Valencia that volunteered during our events and the families that supported us in order to raise money and awareness on behalf of Autism Speaks.

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