Employee Spotlight: Kristine, BCBA

When asked, what Kristine's proudest moment in her career thus far, she replied, "I cannot say there has been one. My career in this field has been made up of many proud moments. It started when I made the choice to change careers from the medical field to behavior analysis. I echo every supervisor’s sentiments when I say that earning my masters and, of course, passing the BCBA exam, were also proud moments. However, this is a difficult field we work in- made up of starts and stops in our clients’ progress. Thus, my proudest moments have come in feedback from the families we provide services for- when I hear from parents in our parent training classes say that they have already started putting strategies into place and are surprised that these strategies actually work or when a client finally is demonstrating progress with acquiring a skill or decreasing a problem behavior. Being able to celebrate these moments, as minor as they may be, just helps us to continue to thrive in this endurance test and provide quality services for our clients and their families.”’

For fun, we asked Kristine what the one dish she cannot resist is, and she shared, "Spanish Paella- Yum- saffron rice mixed with seafood. I cannot tell you how many paella pans I have at home. I am happy to report that I can now make a decent version after many failed experiments."

Congratulations on all of your accomplishments Kristine and congratulations on this nomination, you are a true leader and we appreciate all that you do to support the team and the company overall.