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Employee Spotlight: Brittany, Behavior Therapist

Congratulations Brittany for being our March Employee of the Month! Brittany was nominated by her peers for being "a joy to work with". They describe her caring and supportive nature, which makes her "a perfect fit for supervising the Building Bridges program in Valencia."

Brittany puts in heart and soul into improving the classroom dynamic for Building Bridges each and every day. Not only do the children love her and clearly feel safe with her, but her team members do too. She spends countless hours preparing a meaningful curriculum that is catered to each child and works tirelessly to create a positive learning environment. Brittany has strengthened the Building Bridges team, and empowers her team to take charge and sets a fantastic example as the supervisor.

Brittany described a leader as someone who "is an example of kindness and understanding. A leader fosters strengths in others and inspires confidence. A leader is always willing to listen and be part of the solution. At McRory it is realizing that “it takes a village” and being grateful for your team each day!"

When asked what has been your proudest moment in your career thus far, Brittany replied, "My proudest moment of my career was sending off the last members of what BB Valencia called the Big 5. 5 boys who started the Building Bridges Program at relatively the same time, grew together over a year and became like family! When I asked the last two boys to graduate who their best friends were, they answered each others names! It’s those tiny moments of love and friendship that make me proud to be a part of changing lives and the Building Bridges program!"

Some fun facts about Brittany include her passion for the beach and love for sweets! When asked about the beach, she replied" the beauty of a sunny day, looking out at the waves provides calmness and relaxation. There is also something about tan lines and sandy toes that always keeps me coming back!"
When not on the beach, you can always find Brittany in the staff lounge "eating the last cookie... or doughnut... or cupcake!"

Thank you for all of the amazing work you do to support the children, their families, your team members and our overall mission! We are lucky to have such a dedicated and passionate team member in you.



Do you have an old iPad laying around that you are not using?

Do you have an old iPad laying around that you are not using? Consider donating your old iPad to McRory Pediatrics speech pathology department. Our speech pathology department uses iPads to conduct Augmentative/Alternative Communication assessments for our non-vocal learners. We can provide a donation letter for tax purposes. Thank you for your consideration.

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Parenting is challenging. Are you receiving all of the support you need?

Parenting is challenging. Are you receiving all of the support you need? Let McRory Pediatric Services meet all of your family's needs.

To inquire about the variety of parent support services that we offer, please contact Jenny Pendleton, MFT at (818) 486-6627 or

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McRory Pediatrics ABA Supervisors attended the CalABA 35th Annual Western Regional Conference

McRory Pediatrics ABA Supervisors attended the CalABA 35th Annual Western Regional Conference on Behavior Analysis in Anaheim this past weekend to learn the latest trends and research in the field.

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February Employee of the Month: Jessica, Intake Coordinator

McRory Pediatrics would like to congratulate Jessica on being our February Employee of the Month!

Jessica is an amazing and hard working team member. She is always the first one there to help her co-workers regardless of how busy she might be. Jessica ensures that all of our clients are not only scheduled but that they are also well taken care of. Working along side Jessica is always a great and fun adventure, making her a great asset to our McRory team and family.

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Join Team McRory Pediatrics in the Autism Speaks Walk on April 29th

Join Team McRory Pediatrics in the Autism Speaks Walk on April 29th. We will be walking in support of our many families, friends and relatives. We will be walking to help raise awareness, and walking to raise $10,000.00.

Go to: and join our team today!

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Employee Spotlight: Ivette, Case Supervisor

Congratulations Ivette on your successful 5 years with the McRory Team! We cannot begin to thank you enough for all that you do to support the many children, families and team members. You have an amazing work ethic coupled with true passion which shines through in all that you do!

When we asked Ivette about what initially peeked her interest in joining the McRory team, she replied, "The Interdisciplinary model and the values associated with evidence based treatment for children with disabilities. Throughout these past 5 years I have been fortunate enough to have had excellent supervisors and colleagues to shape me into the supervisor that I am today. Being a part of the McRory Pediatrics team has helped me grow and fulfill my true passion of helping families with children with disabilities.

Ivette shared, "As a person who has a sister with autism, I have a deep understanding of how challenging it can be having a loved one with a disability, so being able to help others as well as my own family, has been a great life fulfillment. I am most proud of being able to work in a field that I am passionate about and to be part of life changing experiences for the families that we work with.

If Ivette were not a behavior analyst she would be a marine biologist due to her love of the ocean. However she further shared that she had recently become terribly sea sick when on a boat so it doesn't look like she will be changing her career anytime soon!

When not working with children and families Ivette likes to spend her free time with her husband, as well as enjoys playing magic, gathering with her friends, as well and play at home with her 2 dogs.

One day Ivette hopes to "travel to Australia, go to the Grand Canyon, see the Dodgers play at every MLB stadium, and go scuba diving."

Thanks again for all that you do Ivette, we are truly blessed to have you on our team!



Autism Speaks Fundraiser

Ready to raise some dough to benefit Autism Speaks? Then head over to PizzaRev in Woodland Hills on Thursday, February 16th from 11:00AM-10:00PM.

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Employee Spotlight: Romelee, Behavior Therapist

We would like to congratulate Romelee on her recent 6 year anniversary with the McRory team. Romelee has proven to be a truly dedicated team member who is compassionate and loves to learn and grow.

Some fun facts about Romelee include:

She has been working in the field of Behavioral Analysis since 2001. When asked about what sparked her interest in joining our team, she shared, "I encountered many families with children with disabilities, who were currently receiving services or had in the past with McRory. They expressed pride and satisfaction in receiving services from your agency. It was their recommendations that peeked my interest in applying to McRory and continuing my career with you."

Romelee further shared, "I am currently working at a High School site and with a population I have not had extensive experience with in the past. This new site is allowing me to gain knowledge of teenagers and how to balance their abilities with age appropriateness in academic and social situations."

When asked about the highlight of her career thus far, she stated, "Seeing the progress in the children I have worked with when they were three or four and now in their 20s. Seeing them working at local restaurants or store is exciting!"

Some fun facts that not many people know about her is her dream to move to Costa Rica and volunteer as an animal behaviorist at the Sloth Sanctuary. Romelee further shared that if she wasn't a behavioral therapist working with children, she would be "a behavioral therapist working with animals in a zoo, shelter or ASPCA setting. When I was in my teens I attended NHHS Zoo magnet and worked at the Los Angeles Zoo recording behavior data, since then I have developed a true love and desire to help animals."

Thank you for all that you do to support our mission Romelee, we are lucky to have you!!


Making New Friends: Valencia Social Skills Class

Making New Friends: Valencia Social Skills Class

What parents are saying:

"Jenny really loves to come to her social skills group at McRory Pediatric Services. She loves to come play and have snacks with her friends. They keep the children really engaged with lots of fun activities. It’s also nice to connect with the other parents."
~ Joann Barlog

"I love the social skills group with Veronica at McRory. Aaron has come so far since starting. He is communicating better, and loves the friends he has made in the group. He is always so excited for Tuesdays. Social Skills Rocks !!!!" ~ Lisa Pope

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Employee Spotlight: Dana, Behavior Dept. Admin. Coordinator

McRory Pediatrics would like to congratulate Dana on her 5th year anniversary. During her time with us, Dana has proven to be dedicated team member with a strong work ethic. She always has a smile on her face and is willing to assist wherever needed. Not only is Dana a big support to our behavior department, but to our entire team as a whole. We cannot begin to thank you for all of the tremendous things that you do!

Here are some fun facts about Dana:

Dana started with the company as a behavior interventionist providing behavior support to children in the school setting. When asked about what initially peeked her interest in becoming a part of our team, she replied, "I had been working in the speech field and was talking to a friend about changing jobs. She had mentioned McRory and that she had known several people who had worked here and loved the job and the people they worked with, so I decided it sounded like a company I wanted to be a part of."

Dana described what she loves most about her current position in the company is "I truly love the people I work with! I feel like we are one big family and there is always someone there to help you when you need it, which is amazing!"

Dana is most proud of her daughter and if given the opportunity she would love to "go to Borneo to visit the Orangutans."

Thank you for all that you do Dana, we are lucky to have you!

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Always Looking for Great Therapists!

Members of our team spent the day at the UCLA job fair looking for talented therapists to join our therapy team.



2nd Winter Class RBT Training

Congratulations to our second winter group of behavior therapists who completed their RBT training as needed to become Registered Behavior Technicians as recognized by the BACB - Behavior Analyst Certification Board.

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January Employee of the Month

McRory Pediatrics would like to congratulate Andrea for being our January Employee of the Month.

During her time with us, Andrea has grown both professionally and personally. She has pursued furthering her education while taking on multiple roles within the clinic. Whether being a part of our Building Bridges Mentorship Program, leading social skills classes or leading our Healthy Relationships course she is consistently up for the challenge to grow and learn.

Andrea exhibits the utmost professionalism, assists others without being asked and truly cares about the children and families that she works with, as well as her colleagues and the clinic as a whole.

Some fun tidbits about Andrea:
She has two university degrees signed by Arnold Schwarzenegger and one of them is in French horn performance.

She loved visiting Germany "not just because it is a beautiful country and the people I met were so welcoming, but because I was able to spend time with my friends that lived and were going to school there and get a first-hand experience of how people in other countries live."

When asked about what leadership meant to her, Andrea replied, "Teamwork and listening to think critically about the big-picture needs of both your clients and your co-workers."
Andrea share that her proudest moment in your career thus far "is being sponsored by Nikki for an Organizational Business Management (OBM) applied project with McRory Pediatrics as the final component to pursue my OBM certificate."

Thank you for all that you do to support our mission Andrea, we are truly lucky to have you on our team!


Congratulations to a Great Group of Therapists!

Congratulations to our latest group of behavior therapists who completed their RBT training as needed to become Registered Behavior Technicians as recognized by the BACB - Behavior Analyst Certification Board.

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2016 End of the Year Staff Appreciation Party

2016 End of the Year Staff Appreciation Party to thank our awesome team for another great year!





Thank you for Giving!

We would like to sincerely thank the families and McRory team members that so generously donated clothing items, toys and games on behalf of our giving tree this year. Because of you this holiday season will be brighter for some of our families and children.

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The Giving Tree

Every year the McRory team collects toys, clothing and other items needed to make our clients and their children's holiday a bit brighter. Consider stopping by and selecting an ornament from the tree. All gift items need to be turned into the clinic by Friday, December 16th.

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Employee of the Month: Rose, OTR/L

Congratulations Rose for being our December Employee of the Month!

Since her first day here at McRory Pediatric Services, Rose has consistently gone above and beyond to be available to help others when she can, including covering for her fellow OTs when they are out. Additionally, Rose is a very knowledgeable team member and is always ready to offer her suggestions or advice with case management. We are so happy and grateful to have her as a member of the OT department!

When asked what peaked her interest in the field of occupational therapy, Rose replied, "I worked as a claims adjuster, managing long-term disability claims, for a large insurance company after I graduated college. I found that I enjoyed the human aspect (working with the claimants) much more than business aspect of that job. I always thought I would work for a few years and then go to law school, but after some soul searching, I found myself looking into a healthcare career instead, and discovered OT."

Rose shared that enjoys being a part of the McRory Team because, "All of the clinicians are friendly and available to brainstorm treatment ideas and help with holistic treatment planning."

When Rose is not busy helping children and families she enjoys spending her time cooking, eating great food, dancing or practicing Yoga.

Thank you Rose for all of your hard work, positive energy and support that you offer your team....we are lucky to have you!


Thanksgiving 2016

McRory Pediatrics would like to thank their employees who so graciously donated money to support our families in need this Thanksgiving. Because of their generosity we were able to provide families with gift cards to local grocery stores so that they could either purchase a prepared Thanksgiving meal or purchase the foods of their choice. Either way, we hope that it lessened the stress associated with the holidays.

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November is National Physical Therapy Month

November is National Physical Therapy Month and here at McRory Pediatrics we think that is something worth celebrating! We are truly grateful for the hard work, dedication and fun spirit that Andrea and Rebekah bring to the team. A BIG thank you for all that you do ladies!


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Employee Spotlight: November Employee of the Month

McRory Pediatrics would like to congratulate Maya, ABA Clinical Director for her nomination of our November Employee of the Month.

Anyone that has had the pleasure of working with Maya knows that she is truly a team player. She not only excels in her position, but she truly cares about each person. Further, she has a way of getting everyone excited about learning, and as such one can tell that her work is a true passion for her.

Maya constantly makes herself available regardless of how busy she is, as she will stop what she is doing to help others. She always has her door open and welcomes everyone in if they have a question or just want to say hi. This brings out the McRory spirit in others knowing we are all working together as a team.

When asked what peeked her interest in the behavioral field, Maya stated, "While working on my undergrad degree in psychology, I took a job as a behavior therapist in 2005. I pursued a career in Applied Behavior Analysis due to a love of the science that drives the field and a passion for helping individuals reach their full potential. It's the little things that make the field of ABA so rewarding: a child communicating "I love you" for the first time or a family finally being able to take their child to a movie."

Maya further shared, "I enjoy the team I work with the most. The ABA Supervisors at McRory are some of the most talented and hardest-working people I've had the pleasure of working with and I look forward to teaching and learning from them everyday."

When not busy supporting the ABA department, Maya shared that she enjoys "cuddling with my family and watching a movie on the couch. I'm also a big fan of cooking, baking, and mostly, eating."

Thank you for all that you do Maya, and congratulations once more on your nomination!

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Halloween Fun: 2016

McRory Pediatrics Halloween Fun: 2016





Employee Spotlight: Aimee, BCBA

Congratulations Aimee for being our October Employee of the Month! Since Aimee joined our team in January, she has excelled in her position as Case Supervisor by displaying an amazingly strong work ethic and sincere passion for what she does. She exhibits compassion for not only the clients and families that she works with, but also for the therapists she mentors and her co-workers. It is such a pleasure working with Aimee and I am confident that everyone that has had the opportunity to work with her would agree.

Aimee shared that she decided to work in the behavioral field years ago when "someone saw something in me that led me to this field. Once I started in the field of behavior therapy, I realized it was truly my passion." Aimee stated that she quickly realized this was more than just a job, it was changing the client's life for the better. She concluded, "I was and still am excited to be a part of that!"

Aimee stated that what she loves most about working at McRory Pediatrics, "is that everyone has a team approach. Each and every person works to collaborate to help the client. My coworkers are amazing to work with because I know we all share that same passion for what we do. I am honored to be a part of an amazing team!"



1 Year Anniversary

McRory Pediatrics celebrated our one year anniversary in our new Tarzana location!

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Sept Employee of the Month

McRory Pediatrics would like to congratulate Katrina on her nomination as this months employee of the month. Katrina's team members have shared that Katrina is incredibly open, positive, and collaborative. She shows genuine concern and care for the children she works with, and is a fabulous problem solver. Further, Katrina asks great questions and is open to learning from other disciplines. Her hard work and enthusiasm is very much appreciated!

As part of her employee spotlight for her employee of the month nomination, we had the opportunity to ask Katrina some questions, and here is what we learned.



Bubble Mania Fun!!

Bubble Mania Fun!! Who loves bubbles? We all do!! The children in our Jump Start & Building Bridges Programs had a fun-filled play session with Joseph at Bubble Mania.


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Miss Bliss Graduates Jump Start

Miss Bliss blowing McRory Pediatrics a farewell kiss as she graduates from our Jump Start Early Intervention Program. We will miss you, your beautiful smile and pure cuteness! You have worked very hard, and we wish you and your family all of the best as you begin preschool!!

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Employee Spotlight: Sophie, MA BCBA

McRory Pediatrics would like to congratulate Sophie on her 5th year with the McRory Team. During her 5 years with us, whether it be providing behavior services within our Building Bridges Program or supervising other behavior therapists the one thing that has remained the same is Sophie's passion and dedication to the children, families and our team members. Sophie is a hard working individual that truly is compassionate and caring. In honor of her anniversary, we had the opportunity to sit down with her to discuss her career and what drives her.
When asked what she has enjoyed the most about working for the company over these past 5 years, Sophie replied, "The one thing I've enjoyed the most about working for this company is being able to work with colleagues and professionals of different disciplines on a daily basis. It’s great to be able to collaborate with such knowledgeable and kind hearted professionals on a day to day basis. I appreciate that the company values team collaboration, quality of services, as well as strives to cultivate a supportive environment that facilitates an open communication between all members of a clinical team, including the families in which we work with. But the very thing I enjoy the most is seeing progress in the children we work with. It brings a smile to my face and is the most rewarding feeling to know that we are making a difference in children’s lives every day."


Employee Spotlight: Nana, Clinical Supervisor

Employee Spotlight: Nana, Clinical SupervisorMcRory Pediatrics would like to congratulate Nana on her 10 years of commitment and dedication of excellence. Nana has been an integral member of the McRory team, starting out as a volunteer, moving into a behavior therapist position to a behavior supervisor position, and finally into a Clinical Case Supervisor position. Nana has a big heart and truly cares about the children, families and team members that she works with. Her passion is event, as is her desire to truly help. We are grateful for all of her contributions over the years. In honor of her anniversary, we sat down and reflected on the past 10 years.

When asked about what peaked her interest in working in this field, Nana shared, "I first became aware of this field while volunteering at our Infant Development Program where early intervention services were being offered to children with special needs. My general interest in the field was sharpened further and found focus while working with children with special needs. With Nikki and Michael McRory’s support and encouragement, I moved forward in my studies and acquired, my Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education by writing my thesis on the efficacy of the Building Bridges Early Intervention Program at Mcrory Pediatrics Services. As our agency has grown over the past 10 years, so have the career opportunities within the organization with focus on education."

Nana further shared, "One of the great advantages of working with Nikki and Michael McRory is their progressive and forward thinking ideas that propel all of us to achieve higher educations to be as effective as possible. As I have moved forward in my career with McRory Pediatrics, I have also defined and redefined myself, my life goals, and ultimately what career fulfillment means to me. My 24-year-old son reminded me just the other day, of the time he volunteered at one of my programs and spent some time with my little clients. He tells me now that he had never seen me so happy and fulfilled. That visit and his close proximity to this field encouraged him to seek and gain a degree in cognitive science and work on projects researching autism related topics."

When asked what she is most proud of professionally, Nana stated, "As I Look back at my career so far, it is clear that providing support to my families and watching my clients who I have known for the past 10 years grow and thrive is the driving force that moves me forward and what gives me the most pride professionally."

Thank you once again for all that you do and give of yourself daily. It is because of you and others like you on our team, that allow us to do the great things that we do, to assist our clients and families.



Supervisor Training

The supervisors of McRory Pediatrics spent the afternoon participating in management training, the first of a new series of supervisor training that we are proud to be offering our team as we continue to strive to enhance our services.

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Registered Behavior Technician Training Graduation.

We are proud to announce that 30 of our team members have worked hard to complete their 40 hours of RBT training!!

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Spirit Week: Summer 2016

The Valencia & Tarzana teams had a fun-filled week dressing up for spirit week! Theme days included favorite character day, pajama day, funny hat day, crazy sock day and blue day.



August Employee of the Month: Natalya, Speech Pathologist

Natalya was chosen as McRory Pediatrics August Employee of the Month for her overall dedication and commitment. Specifically, she consistently looks out for the best interest of the company, her team members and clients. Natalya is flexible and as such adjusts her schedule as needed to meet the needs of all parties. Further, she is a great resource and support for her colleagues and always exhibits an upbeat and professional demeanor. Natalya additionally demonstrates nice leadership and initiates assisting others without being asked. She is reliable and all in all a great asset to the Valencia team and company as a whole!

Congratulations Natalya!!

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McRory Staff Appreciation Picnic Sat Aug. 6th

Please join us for a fun day to appreciate all that you do!

  • BBQ + Drinks provided
  • Games
  • Kids Bouncer
  • Kids Face Painting
  • Photo Booth

Family members are welcome.  Bring chairs and blankets.
Please RSVP by July 29th

We look forward to seeing you there!





Employee Spotlight: Erin, OTR/L

McRory Pediatrics would like to congratulate Erin on her 5 year anniversary with our company! During Erin's time with us, she has proven to be an integral member of the Occupational Therapy Department, Jump Start team and the company as a whole. Erin has an amazing way to connect with children and push them in a loving way to help them to meet their therapy goals. She is driven, positive, hard working and creative in her approach as well is often seen collaborating with her colleagues and training caregivers. All in all, we are very fortunate and grateful to have her as part of our team!

In honor of her anniversary, we had the opportunity to interview Erin and here is what she had to say:

When asked what peeked her interest in choosing the field of Occupational Therapy for her career, Erin stated "I had been working as a behavior therapist for 6 years, and had been looking into going back to school in a skilled therapy field. I was fortunate to cross paths with some really dynamic OTs in the schools, as well as clinic sessions where I was invited to observe to collaborate on cases. I loved the physicality involved, I loved that kids got excited to go to OT to swing and climb and jump (and clearly didn’t feel like it was “therapy”,) I loved the modifications and adaptations to everyday items I saw innovative therapists coming up with to meet the childrens’ needs, and I loved that the best therapists I witnessed at work were having fun WITH their clients. Who wouldn’t want to be an OT?!?"

As far as her career thus far, Erin shared that she is most proud of "The immense pride I take in my clients and the work they put in everyday, I’m most proud of “the little program that could”- Jump Start. I am truly honored to be supervising and working directly in this unique early intervention program. When I started in Jump Start we had a small handful of clients and were relatively unknown. In the years since I’ve been a part of Jump Start, we’ve doubled our staff, helped dozens of families, and constantly have a waiting list of families excited to begin with us. We have a tremendous team of therapists whose passion, knowledge, creativity, and collaboration make me grateful and proud to work with them, and learn from them, everyday."

Erin additionally shared that what she enjoys most about working at McRory Pediatrics are "The opportunities to collaborate with other disciplines. Aside from being able to brainstorm with other fantastic OTs, I’ve learned so much from the speech therapists, physical therapists, behaviorists, and child development specialists with whom I’ve been lucky enough to team. I’m able to incorporate strategies from these other disciplines into my sessions, and feel I’m a more well-rounded practitioner, and can contribute to more consistency in my clients’ overall treatment."


Registered Behavior Technician Training Graduation

McRory Pediatrics is excited to announce our recent graduates of our companies Registered Behavior Technician training. Candidates that have completed this course are eligible to sit for a RBT exam as needed to become a Registered Behavior Technician as recognized by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board.
Congratulations to such a great team!


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Congratulations Teresa for being our July Employee of the Month!

Teresa has been a part of the McRory team for over 5 years, providing behavior services within the clinic, family homes and school setting. During her time with us she has proven to be a hard working and skilled therapist that is truly dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients!

Teresa was nominated this month for her consistent flexibility as demonstrated by her willingness to sub on cases anytime that she is asked, as well as is more than willing to provide services on the weekends. Teresa has demonstrated competence in not only working with clients with various skill sets, but also consistently provides effective and compassionate parent training.

We had the opportunity to ask Teresa a few questions, and here is what we learned:

When asked what had brought her to the field of behavior therapy, Teresa shared, "My passion to work in a field where I can help improve the lives of children and families." Teresa further shared that what she enjoys the most about being a part of the McRory team is, "I have many joys being apart of this amazing team, but what I enjoy most has also been working with, and learning from professionals in different fields (i.e., speech, physical, occupational therapy) all under one roof."

Teresa shared that her favorite hobbies are "relaxing anywhere comfortable, and spending time with family and loved ones."

When asked If she could choose to travel to any specific place, where would that be and why, Teresa stated, "This is a trick question for me because I would love to travel around the world and see as many places as possible. I find experiencing different cultures and countries immensely fascinating."

We congratulate you on all of your accomplishments Teresa and thank you immensely for all the work that you have done over the course of the past 5+ years as well as for all that you continue to do! We are lucky to have you on our team!


More Than Words: Parent Training Class Aug. 5th

Does your child have autism? Are you worried about your child's language development or play skills? Do you feel stuck and are not quite sure what to do in order to foster these areas of development? Then join Kerri Wake, MS, CCC-SLP for a free informative class on Friday, August 5th from 9:00-11:30AM at our Tarzana office to learn more about the Hanen Parent Training Workshop "More Than Words".

For more information, contact Kerri at (818) 530-5145

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Employee Spotlight: Katie, Executive Assistant

McRory Pediatrics would like to congratulate Katie on her 5 year anniversary! During her time with us Katie has proven to be an invaluable member of our team. Having started out as an office assistant, Katie quickly proved that she was a hard working, dedicated team member that was willing to do whatever it took to make things run smoothly. Since that time she has grown into the position that she has today.

In honor of her anniversary, we had the opportunity to sit down with Katie to reflect back on her time with us. Having gone to school for Human Resource Management, Katie found that she "really enjoys the administration field and all that it entails, as there is never a boring moment." We can certainly agree with her in that there really never is a boring moment!

Katie shared that she chose to work at McRory Pediatrics largely because she wanted to work for a company that "does so many great things to help kids." Over the course of the past 5 years, she has learned that working in a team environment is "incredibly helpful, necessary and rewarding." Although she does not get to work directly with the children as the therapists do, simply seeing the children smile or briefly interacting with them brightens up her day.

On her free time, Katie loves going to Disneyland, relaxing on the beach, running, reading or simply relaxing at home. She shared that both family and her love for all things Disney are the two most things that define her.

Katie hopes to continue to grow in her current position with the company so that she can take on new responsibilities as she loves the people that she works with on a daily basis who are "amazing and supportive".

We know that we are not alone when we say, thank you Katie! You are an amazing team member and we are truly blessed to have you in our lives! Happy Anniversary!

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Guest Speaker at Boston Scientific

Our own Clinical Director Diane Geary recently was a guest speaker at Boston Scientific on the topic of "What is Autism: Diagnosis, Prevalence and Symptoms." The lecture was part of the companies "Lunch & Learn" program where employees get the opportunity to expand their knowledge. Diane focused her discussion on autism in the workplace, including how to support colleagues.

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Congratulations to our 2016 ITS Preschool Program graduates!

Congratulations to our 2016 ITS Preschool Program graduates! You and your families have worked tremendously hard to get to this place and although we are saddened to have to say good-bye we know that you have grown your wings and are now ready to soar and fly!

Oh the places you'll go, today is your day! Your mountain is waiting so get on your way! ~ Dr. Suess

13346503_1317117808302723_1883278822798961096_n

Congratulations Gabriela for being our June Employee of the Month!

Gabriela was nominated as this months Employee of the Month for not only being an outstanding therapist which is evidenced by her dedication, willingness to try new things, and ability to connect to the children in which she is assigned, but also for her excellence in working as part of a team.

We were able to sit down with Gabriela and learn a bit more about her. Gabriela describes herself as being ambitious, perceptive and reliable and we could not agree more! She indicated that the three top highlights in her life thus far have been completing graduate school, buying her first house with her wonderful boyfriend and raising her puppy. Gabriela shared that she hopes to be able to travel the world someday. In the meantime, she is content working with children and their families which we are grateful for!

When asked one thing that she cannot resist, Gabriela replied, "Chips with lemon and tapatio, as I like to reward myself with a plate after a long day." We think that sounds like a great way to detox after a stressful day.

Congratulations on all of your successes Gabriela, we truly appreciate all that you do and are grateful to have you on our team!


Autism Parenting Magazine

Take a peek at the current issue of Autism Parenting Magazine. Not only does it contain great tips and resources for parents, but it also features a piece written by our Executive Director!

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Good luck Eitan, we will miss you!

Do you love Mickey Mouse? Eitan does too, and that is why the Jump Start team wore Mickey themed attire last week in recognition of his graduation. Eitan and his family have worked hard and are ready to embark on preschool. Good luck Eitan, we will miss you!

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May is Better Speech & Hearing Month

May is Better Speech & Hearing Month, and we think that is something worth celebrating! We have been blessed with an amazing team of dedicated speech-language pathologists that are truly passionate about their field, creative to captivate the attention of our little ones, dedicated to our companies mission to provide the highest quality of services possible, patient yet persistent and genuinely care about our clients and families.
Thank you ladies for all that you do and give of yourself each and every day! We truly appreciate each and every one of you.



Staff Appreciation Week Valencia Office

Another week of feeling appreciated, but this past week it was due to the lovely families at our Valencia location. The staff were pampered with flowers, good food, festive decorations and words of gratitude. Thank you for taking time out our your busy lives to make everyone on the team feel valued!



McRory Pediatric's 3rd Annual Staff Appreciation Week

Don't you just love feeling appreciated? Well that is exactly how we feel after a wonderful week of fun decorations, great food, along with the kindness & appreciation exhibited by our amazing families as they sponsored their 3rd annual therapist appreciation week.
Thank you for taking the time to make everyone feel treasured and valued!!

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Congratulations Mariela for being our May Employee of the Month!

Mariela is an exemplary employee, who always has a smile on her face. She performs each and every job duty she is assigned accurately, timely, and consistently, without being reminded. Not only is she great administratively, but our clients have made fantastic behavioral improvements due to Mariela's consistent and hard work. She implements all interventions consistently, accepts and applies any feedback that she is given, and endures even when in challenging situations.

She works fantastically with everyone at the school she is placed at, and often receives favorable comments with respect to how great she is to have at the school and how great she is with their students. Mariela keeps others around her smiling and it is obvious she encourages those around her to do their jobs well, as she leads by example.

Mariela shared that her proudest moment in her career thus far, has been, "being able to make a positive impact in the lives of the children that I’ve had the pleasure working with. Seeing them accomplish their goals and moving forward in life has been significantly rewarding to me." Mariela enjoys helping children so much that if she could do another job for just one day, she would like to be a pediatrician as she thinks it would be "awesome helping children get better."

Over the course of the next few years, Mariela would like to pursue her master’s degree so that she can grow within the company and work as a supervisor.

On Mariela's bucket list is a desire to travel the world!

Thank you so much for all that you do each day Mariela - you are truly appreciated!