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Parent Education & Counseling Services

Providing Positive Support and Supplemental Education for Parents of Children with Special Needs

Individual Therapy
  • Assists with understanding and processing of your child's disability and/or diagnosis
  • Offers support during a time of crisis
  • Reinforces positive coping skills/stress management
  • Facilitates the grieving process
  • Empowers parents to advocate for and support early intervention services

Couples Therapy
  • Helps with loss and grief issues
  • Explores strategies to take care of your marriage
  • Provides education on parenting skills/strategies
  • Provides support working as a parenting team
  • Facilitates improved communication and relational skills

Support Groups (14 Sessions)
  • Provides opportunities for parents to share information, resources and ideas with other parents
  • Provides parent training and coping skills
  • Assists with educational, medical and other service agencies
  • Provides a forum for parents to relieve loneliness and form new friendships

Types of Groups
  • Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Parent of Multiple
  • Parents of Children with Developmental Delays
  • Parents of Children with Language Delays

Parent Education
      Please click on a link below for more information regarding our parent training groups
Group Training Programs

Individual In-Home Parent Training & Education
  • Overall Child Development
  • Parenting Strategies
  • Discipline
  • Advocacy
  • Developmentally Appropriate Books & Toys
  • Play Strategies

“You people are miracle workers! ABA works for us as a family. In a few days you got 2-hour tantrums to less than 8 minutes daily; I am a believer. We are blessed as a family to have landed at McRory. I really liked the class...I wish it was longer! ”
— Suzie (Parent)