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Healthy Relationships & Sexuality Education

Our Healthy Relationships & Sexuality Course is focused on providing positive self-esteem, through the development of a healthy self-image. This course covers topics such as types of relationships, anatomy, sexual health, and communication within relationships. The goal of this course is to give accurate information and have discussions that will help individuals make positive, healthy decisions about sexuality.

Our course is divided into two parts:
(1) The physiological & emotional aspects of being male and/or female, including topics such as parts of the body, the sexual life cycle, human reproduction, birth control and sexual/reproductive health
(2) The moral, social & legal aspects of sexuality, covering building self-esteem, establishing relationships, male and female social-sexual behavior, dating, marriage, parenting, and preventing/coping with sexual abuse

For more information on
Tarzana classes, please contact Andrea via email at: or via phone at: (818) 261-6228
For more information on
Valencia classes, please contact Veronica via email at: or via phone at: (818) 213-0326

Early Adolescence Group
Ages 12-16 years old

Late Adolescence Group
Ages 16-21 years old

Beginner Class: 10, 90-minute sessions
Advanced Class: 10, 90-minute sessions
1:3 therapist-to-student ratio
Classes are run by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in conjunction with a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist